Getting a Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions document

Website-Privacy-Policy-GeraltEvery website which collects and processes personal information.needs to have a Privacy Policy and have your Terms and Conditions.This data typically includes items such as a user’s first name,  surname address, birthday, marital status, medical history, personal preferences and consumer behavior.
We are recommending one of three options:

  1. Talk to a solicitor and get a legal document for a fee, but feel all safe. Not much of your time involved, just some of your money.
  2. Go to and get one for a small fee of US$10 or US$15 – amending to suit your business. A little bit of time needed and very little money
  3. Go to and get one for a small fee and again amend to suit your particular business. We did this, investing a little bit of time and money. These guys are highly recommended.

Remember we are not legal advisers or solicitors – yes that is a disclaimer. Hope that helps.

EU GDPR TipsSee our GDPR General Data Protection Regulation article here This legislation will definitely affect your business, so it cannot be ignored. It involves so many aspects of identity protection that it is a quagmire of complication. If a customer or visitor wants to give you grief over their data protection, then can make your life hell. But if you are seen to be compliant or complying, they will most likely pick on some other business. If there is a legal action, you want the court to see that you have, at least, attempted to be compliant.

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