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How Long Does It Take To Design And Build A New Website?

by | Last updated: Sep 3, 2023

MEANit Web Design Agency- How long does a website build take?

Building and Designing a Website, how long does it take for a new website?

Small Business Website

Short answer:

One week to do the actual development – maybe two depending on the size of the project.
Tip: Ignore all the Website in a Day ChatGPT inspired hype. Would you use it to draw up a legal contract?

Longer answer:

Planning, Designing and Building a Website takes from 4 to 8 weeks on average. Initially, the chosen web design agency needs to ask loads of questions about you, your company, the services or products you offer, your target market, what problem do you solve and for whom. How will this website benefit you or your clients? Why are you building it? What results do you expect for your website investment?

The agency has to determine if you need a website, what type of website do you need at this time, then write up a simple proposal with an estimate for you to consider.
Then if you take them on, they will write up a very detailed Brief or plan for you to approve. They will then draw a wireframe or sitemap or layout for you to approve. Then they move on to do a mockup custom graphic design or prototype for your approval, before they actually go to do any actual development. And they need to do your keyword research in advance. One step at a time….

How Long Does It Take To Design And Build A New Website in 2023

We generally schedule a Development week within the 4 weeks from the date we get the final content. That is usually where any delays occur.

During all that time, you need to gather all your website content as in photos, videos and any written text, whilst the web design agency will be doing discovery for you.  You might engage them, just to do the Discovery initially. They cannot or should not start any development whatsoever, until you have given them all the content you want in the website – text and photos for all planned pages. That content is your responsibility to gather, unless you want to engage them to do that for you too, as an extra service, IF they offer it with competence.

Imagine the web design agency is the architect and then the builder, so they build the house based on the agreed architects plans or layout, but you have to bring the furniture, as in the content, photos, videos and text etc. The Graphic Designer on the team is like the interior designer, who can design your Home page and any other important pages that need design elements.

Once the website is built and all the content is added, then move on to testing, before actually doing the search engine optimisation, before going live and testing again. That SEO Search Engine Optimisation is critical, otherwise your new website will not get found by your target market.

And there is more… See our short guide  What to do before you build a website



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