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Michael MacGinty MEANit Web Design and SEO

An SEO Assessment is not an Audit

Maybe you’ve heard of SEO Audits – they normally generate pages and pages of data in a report highlighting every single thing wrong with your site. Even a site with 20-30 pages of content can create a report that is 3-5 times that size. These are generally not human-generated reports, usually it is automated software that creates these audits with all the ‘data’.

And we don’t think that’s very useful at all for most business owners or managers.

Our SEO Assessment isn’t anything like an audit. Instead, it’s a review from 1,000 feet up. We look at the most critical dynamics and give you an overview of some opportunities that will help you gain traction and improve your SEO results.

An Assessment Doesn’t Have to Cost Thousands of Euros

If you’ve ever hired an agency to do an audit, you’ve likely spent thousands of Euros. We’ve worked with customers who were charged €2,500 – €5,000 for huge reports containing nothing, but computer-generated lists — with almost no useful or actionable recommendations. That’s not what we offer.

Our SEO Assessment not only provides actionable recommendations; it does so in a non-intimidating way, and for much less than the cost of other audits. Sure we do give you some supporting data too, but mainly the highlights and we translate what this really means for your firm.

Michael MacGinty Maryann McDonnell John Rainey MEANit Web Design and SEO
€750 one time

1. Book a Call 2. Create a Plan 3. Grow Your Business


An SEO Assessment Doesn’t Have to Take Forever

It’s obvious we’re not fans of SEO audits — mainly because they take so long. You’d think that a computer could automatically generate a report in minutes, yet these audits regularly take weeks to deliver. If you’re ready to get started making adjustments to your site, weeks of waiting can be frustrating.

We won’t make you wait forever.

Our SEO Assessment takes 10 business days. And while we use some sophisticated software to help our Irish team collect data more efficiently, the detailed analysis and thoughtful recommendations come from our SEO specialists. Plain English and No Jargon.

An Assessment Isn’t the Conclusion, It’s the Start

When you purchase one of the audits out there, it’s already the final product. You get a report and they either wish you well or offer to take you on as a client (with crazy monthly costs) to start repairing everything they’ve found.

That’s not how we run our business.

Our Assessment is clean, focused, and includes specific recommendations. You can take it from there and use the assessment report to work on your own website. No strings attached whatsoever.

However, it does not have to mean goodbye, that does not have to be where things end as we also offer Monthly Ongoing SEO services.

Michael MacGinty Maryann McDonnell John Rainey MEANit Web Design and SEO

Monthly SEO Service – Option 2

We can take the reins from here. Take incremental steps, at whichever pace you like, using whichever targets we agree. You’ll pay a low monthly fee, and we’ll make everything happen for you – profitably. Learn more.

Kickoff – Turbo Charge SEO Option

If you’re looking for faster results than our Monthly SEO service offers, consider our Kickoff SEO program — a one-time, one or two-month project where we do all of the initial work from the Assessment for you, super quickly. Learn More


€750 one time – No Big Commitment

1. Book a Call 2. Create a Plan 3. Grow Your Business


Based on 44 reviews
Niamh Kane
Its a straight up 5-stars for Michael & all the team at MEANit Web Deisgn. We cannot recommend this company enough for creating our website for PVC Fencing Donegal. From initial enquiry, Michael was on the ball with his informative advice & we feel he listened to what we wanted to achieve. He coordinated a great team to help us each step of the way & we found everyone extremely friendly & approachable. We will continue to recommend this company going forward. Thanks again, Niamh & David - Pvc Fencing Donegal.
Francie Coyle
I have been working with Michael over the last while in connection with creating a unique community website for our area. He visited us on a voluntary basis and gave us a comprehensive overview of the partnership required between our team and web design companies like his. He has continued this approach all along and is always available to give advice and direction when needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his team for your project, big or small and I am confident you will find it a productive and rewarding experience.
Martin Johnston
Thank you to Michael, for all your help and advice. Very responsive with emails and phone calls. Which means alot, when your looking and needing work done! Highly recommend Michael, so informative and his attention to detail, is 2nd to none !! Continued success to you Michael! Regards Martin
Eunan Cunningham
Míle buíochas! Our sincere thanks to Michael and his team at MEANit for producing an excellent website for us at gteic Cill Charthaigh. We had a very tight timescale in which to work with a non-negotiable deadline and we also required a bilingual site (Irish and English)! Everything was carried out on-time and within the budget. Nothing was too much trouble. It was a totally painless process and we were more than satisfied with the outcome. We would have no hesitation in recommending MEANit to anyone who wants a professional website for their business or organisation or committee etc. Go raibh míle maith agaibh!
Michael Gill
I could not recommend Michael, John and Maryann at Meanit enough for anyone who is looking to build a website or update their website. Right from the beginning Michael was there to assist, and build my website to ensure all the content I wanted was there and the site was professional. Michael and John ongoing support and advising how to maximise our website content is excellent. Michael Gill FCA, partner Bonner Gill & Co. Chartered Accountants.
Alice Hartigan
Michael, John and the team at MeanIt have been a pleasure to work with. They respond fast, have a genuine interest in the work we do and are so helpful. Couldn't recommend more :) Thanks so much for all your continued support!
Killybegs Marine Cluster Blue Economy
Meanit have been absolutely amazing from the initial brief to project completion, which was delivered on time and on budget. We couldn’t be happier with Meanit and their customer service is excellent. We highly recommend Meanit as a service provider.
Peter Garvey
I look forward to Meanit s email on a sunday allways great information and links thanks Michael
patrick conaghan
Michael and his team are always available for expert advice and support.
Anthony McGlynn
I can't recommend Michael, John & Maryann from MeanIT highly enough. From initial consultation, to implementing a plan and watching my website become a reality, nothing was ever a problem. I found Mean IT to be very professional & knowledgeable. Michael has been excellent giving me tips to help with my Google ranking and what is the best way to increase visitors and more importantly increasing sales on my website. I look forward to continuing adapting and upgrading my graphic design website in the future with Michael & the team. Thanks again for all your help and giving my business an excellent online presence.


Can SEO Assessments be completed for any and all websites?
Yes, if it is built on a WordPress platform for a Professional Services business, we can evaluate it.
We do not work with eCommerce websites at all, which includes Magento, Big Commerce etc.

We do not profess to understand platforms like Wix, Weebly, Yola, Shopify or other such proprietary platforms.

How long does an SEO Assessment take?
We deliver an SEO Assessment within 10 working or business days from receipt of payment.
€750 for a complete SEO Assessment and a Roadmap seems low - why?
Well spotted! We only charge €750, so that we can give you something of more value for you, a lot more value.
Typically, as a team, we spend the best part of a day on an SEO Assessment, so we are not making much of a profit on it.
However, we do get to see if we can add value for you as an agency on an ongoing basis. So the small decision to do an SEO Assessment works both ways. We get to know about you and you get to know about us. Only then can either of us decide if the other is truly a good fit.

Either way we both benefit from doing the SEO Assessment for your firm.

There are cheaper website audits?

Yes, There are cheaper audits, much cheaper, but they are not like our SEO Assessments.
The main difference is that for a small amount of money you can get either very little or a really huge amount of data. And maybe a nice big templated report. But can you make head or tail of it? Will you be able to do anything as a result of getting this automated audit? And crucially, the people who offer these low cost audits never get to know anything much about you or your business, or more importantly your customers. It is usually automated. To be fair for small money, they cannot afford to invest the time in your business for the small fee that they charge you.
And most of them have no idea how to do a real in depth assessment, which is why they offer the low cost audit, which is of little value or use to to you.

My website is really big. Does the price of the Assessment change?
There are no website size restrictions for SEO Assessments. This is a 1,000-foot view, so we can review any site — from small to large — and create a roadmap for growth. We do avoid eCommerce or Enterprise websites, as they are just not our jam.
If we get an SEO Assessment done by you, can we take the report and get the work done elsewhere or do it ourselves?
Sure – you paid for it, so take it away. Then armed with the Assessment decide whether you want to do the work yourselves, get some other agency to do the work or engage us to do the work for you.

It is totally down to you, you are the Boss.
We only charge €750 so that we can give you something of more value for you. And we get to see if we can add value for you as an agency on an ongoing basis. So the SEO Assessment works both ways.

Do I need to start with an SEO Assessment? Can I jump into hands-on SEO instead?

You don’t have to start your SEO journey with an Assessment; you can start with Kickoff SEO instead for an action-oriented approach, IF your website is ready for it. The SEO Assessment is very helpful if you want to map your priorities before hitting the ground running, which makes sense if you want to be targeting the right things.
And starting with an audit avoids risk for you. Plus you get to see if you like our work. Try us and find out. We over deliver in this Assessment. Why do we do this? It helps us get to know you and your business.


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