Starter websites options – low cost options

Below are some examples of entry level starter websites design examples available for about €975 or use about €250 per page as a rough guideline. You could even go for a single page website initially. If you are serious about your business, this is not a great option. But you could improve it by having good written and photographic content.
A simple starter websites option should still be built on an Open Source CMS Content Management System platform, such as WordPress. This will allow you have control over it, once you get the admin or administrator rights. Avoid any basic HTML websites or things like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace which have serious limitations. Some self proclaimed “web designers” use these simple page builder tools, but they are not fit for purpose, if you are serious about being in business.

Handyman Starter Website,

Architect Starter Website

Construction Starter Website

Plumber Starter Website.

Medical / Doctor / Dentist / Veterinary Starter Websites

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