Web Strategy Personalised Plan

How do you plan what to do next in your web strategy? Do you have a web strategy ? Do you react as opposed to plan ? You need to develop a Personalised Web Strategy Proposal

MeanIT Web StrategyWhy have such a roadmap or working document to outline your proposed web strategy ?

For the short and long term, this working document is ever evolving, being revised and edited regularly, like an annual business plan. It is actioned as planned, based on a wish list and budget, to dictate priorities and timelines. Each element is described in detail, but the plan should be easy to read.

How do you finalise a Personalised Web Strategy Proposal ?

Get agreement on the elements and the priorities by having workshops with all relevant people/stakeholders in the company and get customer input.
Filter out the unnecessary and prioritise to avoid focussing on elements that will not deliver a good return.
Focus on the much needed amendments and the ones that will drive sales or visitor conversion.

What do we do with a Personalised Web Strategy Proposal ?

Talk with your Developers and get a costing to see how the budget will dictate or amend the priorities.
Discuss and try testing elements to see if they will work before you decide to keep them.
The Developers may have to do some research before advising. “Measure twice and cut once !”

Why would it ever change ?

New innovations in web based applications could affect the plan or changes in the business operation.
Cost could dictate that some of the higher priorities get delayed, so work on the smaller ones that are within available budget.
Sometimes the plan is right, but the order in which elements get created has to be changed because of financial or human resource constraints.

When it is done what happens ?

When it is done it will be time to measure the success of each element and review the plan regularly. Just like a shop window, it will need constant attention, editing and evaluating.
If you planned to drive to London or Rome or Dublin, you would plan the route and estimate the time and resources required. Treat your web strategy the same way.

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