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Website Not Working?

by | Last updated: Dec 8, 2022

Website Not Working – Have you already got a web presence that does not work or perform ?

A web presence that generates no calls, no sales, no orders or business. Having a web presence is not the same as having a good website. Singing in the shower will not get you on X-factor, you have to be seen & heard, maybe audition a few times.

website underperformingThere are lots of simple reasons for this poor performance. The most common include:

  • The website has been created by someone who has the talent or skillset to make text & images appear at a location on the web where you can find them, but nobody else can.
  • The website has not been registered with search engines.
  • Poor SEO Search Engine Optimisation, so it is not getting found by potential clients.
  • The Content of the site does not encourage visitors to buy or do anything.
  • Poor content writing or imagery.
  • The Developer does not understand the Clients business and cannot therefore make the website work well.
  • The Developer does not have a relationship with the Client, so the site is not updated with useful content.
  • The site is a Static low cost web presence that delivers equally low quality returns.
  • The site is not optimised for Mobile search using Thin Clients such as Smart Phones & tablets.
  • Content is poorly laid out making the site difficult to navigate.
  • Poor CTAs calls to action
  • Poor flow from item to item, page to page
  • The site is slow to deliver, images are too big
  • The site has dead links or 404s
  • Pop Ups appear that irritate visitors & reduce rankings.
  • Digital Marketing is required
  • You have no current or ongoing support plan

Bottom line – a good website has to be easily found, look good, deliver fast, be easy to understand & navigate, have loads of clear Calls to Action and be interesting – it is not a book, a manual or an autobiography. Think about how visitors get there, what they want and how can you give it to them. Make their shopping experience work for them smoothly, with adequate signposting and answers to questions.

Website Not Working? If you have a site that does not work well, get a new Web Partner, tweak the site or get a new one. Make mistakes and learn, but do not sit and moan. Work at the presentation in the same way as you would with a Bricks & Mortar business. A poor site will not get better as it gets older – age is terminal. Ask us any questions

If the website does not even appear – what is wrong?

website not working Call Michael MacGinty10 reasons your website is not loading. There are technical issues that may explain why your website is not appearing and they include:

  • Computer – before you go looking for a complicated reason, try restarting your browser and ensure that you have internet connection and then restart your computer.
  • Browser issue – try looking for the site on another tab in Chrome and try Internet Explorer or Firefox as well.
  • Domain – Check that you have paid for your domain and that it is in your name, in your control and maybe set it up to auto renew on your credit card.
  • DNS settings –  Domain Name Server settings include an IP address to which you point your domain name as in www.meanit.ie points to our hosting so we enter the IP number for the hosting service, like a telephone number in the DNS settings – get the number from your hosting provider.
  • Hosting – Have you paid for hosting in your own name or is there any issue with your account?
  • Hacking – Has your site been hacked ? When did you last do security updates? Who does that for you?
  • Server issue – The server or computer where your website is hosted may be down temporarily – they do get rebooted occasionally.
  • Server blacklisted – If you are on shared hosting, the server may be blacklisted because of one of the other websites. There could be a security or content issue or maybe that website has not been updated.
  • Content overload – You may have added some very large media files, images or video, which could be affecting the delivery of the website.
  • www – TLD settings – Try searching without the www and also with it, just in case the settings need to be changed.
  • Website Support Plan – You have no ongoing website support plan in place with your web partner.


Warning: Most companies fall out with their web developer, because having bought a website they expect support to be included, when it was never billed or agreed. Most web developers go bust trying to appease dissatisfied clients, doing work for which they never billed. Neither party benefits from the web developer closing down, both suffer and the client has to start all over again with a new web partner. It does not have to be that way – get a dependable web partner and work together to grow your business. Just like a power failure in your area, it is not a problem, when you are prepared for it.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on SEO and how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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