What to include in the home page layout 

Home page layoutWhat should be included in the Home Page layout of my website?
Your website ‘Home’ page layout is really and truly your shop window, so you want to include everything that is important and nothing that is just taking up space. This is a hard balance. But remember that the aim of the page is to engage and convert visitors to potential clients.

Therefore there should be just one single main call to action on the page, if that is feasible. Try not to confuse people with choices. People move on after 3 seconds if you do not hook them. Google rewards you in the ranking, if visitors to your home page actually click on a link. And if they do click on a link, you have achieved the objective of the home page. Now where do they click to go to? You will now have to optimise that page too, in order to ensure that you are giving the visitor what they want. If you keep engaging the visitor you should be able to drive them through a funnel to make a purchase. It is much like greeting a visitor to a physical store.

What can you do in 3 seconds to engage a visitor to your home page layout ?

Tell them what you do and who you do it for and explain the benefit of dealing with you. Can you do that in one sentence, like a tag line. Then show them, samples of your work or offer a link through to a portfolio. Also show them who you are working for and what these people think of your service. Make sure that the visitor can see your phone number, email, quick contact form and maybe instant chat, so that they can engage with you immediately.

Above the fold – make that space count in your home page layout
People generally look at the ‘above the fold space’, that part of the page that they can see when they land on the website. It is like eye level in a shop window display. They do not want to scroll on a desktop, so get them engaged at the top of the page. If they do choose to scroll down, you can provide images of your products or services, with some independent testimonials Google or Trust Pilot) or client logos to show who you work with etc. Make it slightly different for a mobile view, by getting rid of any full width hero images and instead make everything ‘stackable’. This is so that people can browse in a mobile view, but see all the images and text in a legible format.

The Perfect Home PageSee the infographic below from www.leadforest.com that shows a good example of a website home page layout. Or see a good example at www.solicitorwebsites.ie


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