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by | Last updated: Jun 27, 2024

Wordcamp 2024 Torino Italia. Great event, great venue, great city.

Michael MacGinty of MEANit Attending Wordcamp2024 Torino Italia

  Michael MacGinty in Wordcamp2024 Torino Italia

We enjoyed a packed few days at the Lingotto Fiere Exhibition Centre. Some great talks on the main stage in Track 1. Some super Workshops in the Sala Rossa, with well delivered talks by well prepared speakers. And a great selection of Sponsors in Sala 2. Meeting familiar faces from the small screen, from webinars, Zoom calls and Teams meetings was so good. Having the time to focus on talking together and not being a slave to the screen for a few hours was so liberating. Comparing notes with new acquaintances is always a breath of fresh air. Catching up with old friends or connections from previous WordCamps is such a great experience. Sharing lunch with strangers, talking about AI and Large Language Models or WCAG 2.2 or GDPR. Nerd city indeed. But definitely a caring Community of like minded people looking to make a difference together in a fast changing world.

These camps are such an opportunity to speak the same language with people from all over the world. Talking tech, geeking out on lesser known tactics, being nerdy and yet feeling undersood. WordCamps are diverse in so many ways, but they are not divisive, even if we disagree about a platform or a plugin or a hosting services etc. Attendees are so open to debate or discussion, eager to learn or teach, happy to be part of such a Community. From the sponsors to the speakers, the volunteers to the attendees, everyone feels connected. Where else could you get this chance to feel so comfortable talking about our work or passion.

From Woo to Google to Hosting providers like Cloudways or Siteground, to plugin developers, like Gravity to ManageWP well established firms to startups or new sponsors such as Booking Press or InstaWP, TranslatePress or EasyWP. It is great to meet the sponsors in real life and talk about their products or services. Speaking with current providers offers an opportunity to engage on a human level and talks through any issues or forthcoming updates etc. We certainly feel that we benefited from speaking with sponsors, to existing and new providers. We got advice, guidance, answers, feedback and new ideas from the sponsors. See the full list at https://europe.wordcamp.org/2024/sponsors/ – check them out as their presence supports WordCamps so much.
WordCamp2024 Speaker on Stage With Sponsor Logos

  Wordcamp2024 Speaker on Stage & Sponsors Logo

WordCamp speakers are always so well prepared and rehearsed. The tech worked so well, supported by a large team of audio/video specialists. The well known names like Joost De Valk to Matt Mullenweg were well supported by lesser known names such as Ben Evans and Rian Rietveld, Tina Reis and Travis Lima, Lidia Infante and Isaline Muelhauser. The speakers have to pack so much content in to such a short time scale that they truly deliver such value in 10 minutes or 45. My notebook is full of scribbled observations and tips to review. See full list at https://europe.wordcamp.org/2024/speakers/

Venue – Lingotto Fiere Exhibition Centre

Literally an old, the first Fiat vertical assembly line production plant built in 1916-1923. The museum in the building was so worth visiting. And the commercial complex is mammoth. The shopping was great. Public transport was great. We stayed in nearby Moncalieri and the old town is worth visiting, even just for the views out over Torino from the Castle Walls at Castillo de Moncalieri. The halls are spacious, so there was plenty of comfort. The city of Torino is well worth a visit, much more comfortable than Roma. Streets are bright, buildings solid, but all low rise. Try coffee in Baratti e Milano at Teatro Cinema. Check out the Mole Antonelliana or the Piazza Castello and just ‘people watch’. Or take a trip out to Basilica Superga or Castillo de Moncalieri to get a view back over the city. See full details at https://europe.wordcamp.org/2024/venue/

WordCamp2025 – Basel Switzerland

Planning for next year June 5th to 7th WordCamp2025 in Basel Switzerland. We will be there https://europe.wordcamp.org/2025/ And we look forward to engaging with Sponsors, Speakers and Attendees.

WordCamp2024 Torino Italia
Arrivederci Torino. Arrivederci WordCamp2024 https://europe.wordcamp.org/2024/ Grazie mille to the Sponsors, Organisers, Volunteers, Speakers and Attendees.

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