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Google Local Results

by | Last updated: Apr 27, 2023

Google Local Results

Google My Business ExplainedGoogle Local Results are making more difference in search as Google tailor results based on location searched to deliver better results in search. In the USA almost 6 billion searches are done a month and more and more searchers are using a location in their search term. It is therefore critical that companies have their address location details clearly on their website and in Google Business Profile, as well as any other local directory such as Yelp and your Facebook company page, Linkedin Company page and all your social channels.

Google Local Results has published reports that 80% of adults in mature markets own a smart phone. And that one third of people who search on a desktop and over half of those who search on mobile, will visit the store within 24 hours. People searching have reported that they want to find local suppliers in search and will visit once they find what they want. These stats seem to be right and knowing this it is so important to have all your local details correct. People use a global search engine to find a supplier within a few miles, but they generally search with the intent to visit one of the first page results.

Google Local Results has indicated that the results it delivers for a local search will depend on whether you show that you are based in or near that searched location. The ranking on the page will then depend on reviews given to any supplier, how well your Google Business Profile entry is completed, the category you have chosen, plus the quality of links to the website. So check your address details in everything, then go get some good reviews and double check your category in Google Business Profile. Check for any differences, any typos or any missed information. Getting it right can make a big difference to your footfall.

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Services AdsGoogle Local Services Ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services that you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your area, and you only pay if a customer contacts you directly through the ad.

This works hand in hand with your Google My Business, as you could ideally feature in the Map stack and the PPC paid ads and organically, all on one page. The local service ad will appear at the very top of the page of search results.

Google Local Service Ads rolled out in the US and is now a feature in Ireland and some other European countries, however it is currently only for a limited number of local services – see list below.

Appliance repair services
Carpet cleaning services
Cleaning services
Garage door services
HVAC (heating or air conditioning)
Junk removal services
Lawn care services
Pest control services
Tree services
Water damage services
Window cleaning services
Window repair services

You can check your eligibility here. More services will be added in the future including Solicitors and other professional services. Google are working hard to ensure that anyone who advertises a ‘local’ service is actually local. As in they have a premises and established business in the vicinity.

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