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Adblockers – stop annoying adverts.

by | Last updated: Dec 4, 2022

Adblockers Apps help reduce annoying ads – why not use them ?

There are many reasons to use Adblockers extensions in your browser. Some include the fact that you cannot browse without being peppered with Ads, like some cheesy salesman in a department store, making noise and distracting you.

Adblock for ChromePlus, the fact that many ads are video based popups which slow down your browsing, making your computer ‘hang’ whilst it runs so many processes. Your resources are being eaten up by intrusive advertising that you do not want to see. It gets worse on a small screen where the limited space and power is being hijacked by advertising. Have you ever signed up to be shown these ads ? No, it just happened when Google and Facebook looked to monetise their product. You have no obligation to be looking at adverts, when you read someones article on the web. These big companies may need to change their model.

Internet Business Model

Apple allows you block ads on your iPhone or iPad, which will frustrate Google and so many others who depend on the annoying ads to make money. Their whole business model is totally based on forcing the annoying ads in front of us so that they can get paid for the views and also for any subsequent clicks, whether a purchase ever happens or not. Would you be happy to pay a monthly subscription to have internet access without any adverts ?
Google created Google+ and collected all our information, so now they can offer personalised advertising or retargetting to specific gmail addresses. This is Google’s New Customer Match Feature for advertisers.

Adblockers Apps and Extensions

Ghostery AdblockerYou can block ads by using Adblockers Apps or Extensions like uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus, Ghostery or Privoxy which can even be installed on your router. The problem is that these apps still show some ads, from their own “limited” paying customers. You can get another app to block the limited ads with the first FREE adblock apps, so you stop any advertising in the first app. Before you know it you are downloading loads of apps which is almost as frustrating as getting the ads in the first place. We should not have to be doing this at all and it feels like we are being harassed. Something is not right and it is obvious we need a change. Over 200 million people use adblocking apps.

Best way forward for Internet Advertising

The best way forward has got to be the way that suits us as browsers and advertisers alike, a win win approach. I do not want to pay to browse, but I would have no objection, as a trade off, to seeing the adverts that I actually do like, such as rugby gear, ski holiday offers, cheap flights and new technology or gizmos. For the advertisers they get their ads seen by people who actually want to see them and may even click through and buy something.

UBlock-AdblockerSurely, this is the whole point of advertising, to get seen by the potential customer, rather than just being seen by lots of other people who find the advert annoying. Retargeting is where the adverts are appearing on a lot of the pages you browse, because you visited a particular website or advert.If I see another advert for Sprout, I will write an article to out them for their poor advert management. Somehow we need an app or a place where we select which categories of advertising we do actually want to see. The advertisers will end up paying more to be seen by me, but they will have a higher conversion rate, so they will be happy enough. This is not a huge tweak and I expect it will happen soon. We just need a trusted platform where people would be happy to sign up and make their preferences known. The trick here is that we the consumers should decide what they get served and not the browser or the advertising agencies. Surely, it is a very simple fix. The big advertisers should see the benefit of this and that will be the impetus for change- follow the money.

Search V Apps – where is the money going

Do you start at Google when browsing or do you start with an app ? Mobile is changing everything, with 60% of browsing on the small screen and close to 50% of shopping too, so this is leading to users heading straignt to Apps to browse for information. News has become much less of a draw and consumers like having apps that bring them straight to their favourite shop or sports channel, booking engine or noticeboard. This is where advertising might be more tailored and more successful. Google gets 90% of its income from advertising, so it promotes and supports the android platform, whereas Apple makes most of its income from their hardware, but does get a 30% commission income from the App store, including the sales of Adblock apps. Advertisers are able to advertise in specific apps to get to their target market. Changes are coming, models will change, the consumer will benefit and the big companies will just change the way they do things. How will it affect the bottom line for Google or Apple ? That will be interesting and watch out for the next mega platform, the one that works out how to give the consumer what they really really want or at least, appears to do so.

Top Tip: Focus on good quality Native Advertising and work with an agency who can get that content seen by your target market. Write content that your readers want to read and include promotions for products they want to see.  #lovetalkingbusiness

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