Affordable web design is simple – what is your budget ?

More importantly how much do you want to get back from the web ? What will be the turnover ? How much profit will there be ? How much would you pay for every Euro returned in sales ?

MeanIT Affordable Web Design SolutionsStatic website
 expect about €995 for 5 page web presence – can you do the rest ? If you have the skill set or are willing to read the Manual and learn.

Small Business Website expect about €995 for the 5 pages and €50 a page for SEO done for you – simple its is done for you and works away, making you money in leads and enquiries.

CMS Managed Solution Project Costs  expect about €1995 for about 10 pages and good input from an Online Business Analyst for good planning. Getting your business online properly, making it Search Engine Friendly – €50 a page for SEO done for you. Now you are in control. Add as much useful content as you like or employ someone to do it.

Prices in €s + VAT – €495 to €995 to €1995.00 depending on modules required, you decide.

    • Content Management System, Initial  Content Entry for 5- 10 pages, Unlimited Web pages, Attachment Management, Image and Flash Manager, Image Gallery, SEO Tools, Google Maps, YouTube, Preview Mode, Query Form, Website Statistics – €995 to €1995
    • Website Design Template choice of Client or Designer
    • Monthly Support & Maintenance Options if required needs to be available
    • Potential clients usually want the lowest price and yet they do also want great products and a supporting relationship. They want to buy from someone they know, like and trust or to whom they have been referred. We need to offer great products and services at fair prices and still make a fair profit, so that we get a Win Win result – this is a core belief at MeanIT.


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