Website Maintenance Checklist – 10 Things To Do


MEANit-Website-design-Layout-Checklist1. Check your Google analytics report to see how many visitors you are getting. And where do people enter and leave your website

2. Add useful fresh content to keep your website interesting

3. Curate existing content, to keep it up to date and useful and attracting the right audience. Read it and update it

4. Check for 404s – dead links etc, as they will affect your ranking and performance

5. Apply any website platform updates, to maintain security and website uptime

6. Apply any design theme updates, to avoid conflict between the design theme and other plugins, such as the Contact Form

7. Apply any updates for any plugins to ensure that they all work and do not cause any conflict

8. Test your website load speed – a slow site will rank poorly and lose visitors. Aim for under 3 seconds

9. Test your contact form, to see what happens if someone tries to contact you

10. Find out where your website ranks in Google search for your key terms and continually tweak until you get to the top of page 1 in organic results. Then work to stay there. If you are not number 1 or 2 on page 1 then you have some work to do.

Remember: Check how the website looks on a mobile view

What do I need to do weekly to ensure my website is effective?

MEANit-ShowroomingJust like having a bricks and mortar shop you will need to maintain your website and its content, to ensure that it works well, performs well and delivers results. Do measure your progress towards your targets. Aim for top of page 1 in organic search for your key words or terms. This can take time, but with continuous momentum you will get there. Put in your diary to review your website performance every month or ideally every week. If someone else is doing all the work on the list, ask to see the results of that investment, get a report and plan how to make improvements.

In the current climate, the website is your window to the world. People will be visiting your website in higher numbers now. Or they should be doing so. They wil be visiting somebody in higher numbers. But if the website is not working smoothly, they will go elsewhere. The website reflects on you as a business. Does it look professional? Is it fast? Is the design good? Is it easy to navigate and get answers to logical questions. Does your website look like it is up to your own standards?

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What do I need to do weekly to ensure my website is effective?

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