one day websites, free websites, DIY Websites, Free hosting included, cheap hosting included this says everything you need to know about the company offering their product or service.

Would you buy a cheap, discounted or Free house without asking a few questions ? Or a Holiday ? What about a car ?

MeanIT Quality Matters

You get what you pay for, so take the trouble to write up a Specification of what you want, a Brief, that adequately covers what you want to achieve so that you can look for a product that will do as requested. Get a Wireframe done by a web designer and then get a MockUp done and expect what you order – use a Graphic designer to do this.

If you go for the “Bargain” then do not be surprised when it bites you and you have to start again. Any spend will have been wasted, but more importantly, you will have lost potential, maybe a year of online sales or promotion, possibly looking bad for a year to any clients who dropped by.

Take your website seriously, just as seriously as having a high street store, make sure it is fit for purpose and a place that makes you proud.

Do NOT blame the Developer or call him a cheat, you make the call and you know what is cheap and what is good Value – make the right call, for your own sake. Developers are not Graphic Designers or Business people either. Get a team on the job, all in one company or working for you as a team on your project, a Graphic Designer, a Web Developer and a Digital Marketer.

Rarely do we get a web enquiry from anyone who has not been “stung” or “bitten” – but oh what an education – an expensive one !

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