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Best website designers

by | Last updated: Dec 6, 2022

Best Website Designers in Ireland

My nephew draws great houses, he has a big pencil case with lots of coloured pens and markers. He is 12 years old and very artistic, but he is NOT an architect. Someone who does mechanical drawing is NOT an Architect, because he needs to have artistic flair, education and imagination, plus lots of practical experience.

MeanIT Web Design & ConsultationMy best friend is a better golfer than me. He has very expensive clubs and loud trousers, but he is NOT Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy.

Just because someone knows more about computer code than you does not make them an expert. My 15 year old son can make images and text appear on the web, but I would not recommend him to design or develop a website for a business (not yet Sam).

Think about how much you want to get from any website design, then work out a budget. You do generally get what you pay for. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. If you pay a guy €500 to develop your web presence, your Internet Shop or Office, then you can expect to get back what you would if you were to invest that amount on a real shop or office. Such a decision will also frustrate you and waste time, arguing with the cheap “Website Developer” that the site does not do everything that you want it to do or it is hard to edit. These relationshoips are doomed from the beginning. And you initiated it, so you take responsibility and leave the ‘web designer guy’ alone..

If you truly want a decent website designed, pay a decent fee – get someone who has a proven web design track record producing what you want. Check Testimonials, ring a few of their current clients. You need a web design company where they have the ability to get to understand your business, your market. And a web design agency that can work with you for the long term to develop the right web presence and provide good Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation options. Find out what you need and then come up with a plan for your website development, possibly created and even paid for in stages. But do the plan first – work out the funding afterwards. Try to find the best website designers in Ireland for your specific website project.

If you were to drive from Dublin to Galway you would take the M4 and M6, it would take approximately 2 hours, use a set or defined numbers of litres of fuel in your car and therefore cost an amount that is pretty easy to work out. Now that we know that, how do we fund the fixed costs of fuel and the tolls. The Funding may need a plan, but the route to your destination remains pretty much the same.

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