Employees – clarity builds performance and adds protection.  HR Tips – Points to remember :

1. Guide – provide a handbook with clear terms and conditions Tools – Stationery
2. Standards – list of basic standards or requirements, performance items
3. Expectations – what you expect your employee to achieve
4. KPIs – create clear
5. Probation
6. Performance Reviews

MeanIT HR Tips & AdviceRules – Respect & Challenge

Dealing with People

1. Fairness
2. Firmness
3. Consistency

Dealing with Processes

4. Look
5. See
6. Understand
7. Think
8. Do

Five fundamental Lean Tools

1. Process Mapping
2. Physical Flow Mapping
3. Check Shets – What is going wrong?
4. Run charts – is it getting better or worse?
5. Teams – People working together to improve their business

Key Lean Questions to gather the facts and make things better

What are you doing?
How are you doing it?
Why are you doing it?
Who is going to improve it

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