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Evernote – Digital Notebook App MEANit Introduction

by | Last updated: Dec 8, 2022

Evernote Digital Notebook App is a popular digital notebook app allows you add everything, typed notes, photos, audio, scanned docs from any device and this is accessible from any device.

Evernote Digital Notebook App – 20 functions to use

MEANit Evernote

1. Projects – Plan projects, write articles with full editor, add images to the note, share info via Social.The documents sync within minutes or you can press Sync Now, so that you can move from one device to another. You can share specific Notebooks with Family or Work colleagues, to collaborate – use Business Notebooks.

2. Web Clipper – Great for doing research or planning a trip. Use the Web Clipper to add information from the web to Evernote, a url or bit of text or image or evan a full page. You can even save a page and annotate or write notes on it for remembering later why you clipped it. Set a Reminder to help you remember to use that information at a later date. Within Clipper you can even search the web and keep notes as you search, so that they are all connected. When you search again later, you have all th eprevious bits in a file to use again or add to. https://evernote.com/getting_started/#1 Tag your notes to make them easier to find and Evernote will relate up to 3 other relevant notes. You can set up files for your notes to keep your inbox tidy. Create ‘Stacks’ of files and Sub files. Share with others or make public. When you see the Share button below an article, you can share to directly Evernote

3. Notes – Use Evernote when you want to jot something down or take a note, or have an idea, a light bulb moment, in bed, in transport, whenever you are away from a computer – then get back to it later. There is even a “Quick Note” button.

4. Scanned Documents – This allows you dump the paper and store the digital versions.Clear the clutter.

5. Expenses – Record all your expenses or scan them to store and share that folder with your Accountant

6. Memories – add scanned docs or photos, video or notes. Create a folder for that trip to Cork and have your Booking details, Reservations, Maps and add images whilst there

7. To Do Lists – for work or personal. When you think of something to do, just add it

8. email – You get an Evernote email address so you can send emails or other stuff to that address and it then appears in your Evernote inbox

9. Favourite Foods – Snap the Wine Label in a Restaurant to remember it or a Menu of interest. See something interesting in a shop – just snap and add.

10. Voice Recognition – Say it not type it. You can record reminders on your phone and if you have web connection, using Google Voice, IOS or Samsung to end up with a text version saved

11. OCR Scansnap – Take snaps of receipts, business cards etc and they convert to text. Use the document camera or Post It Note Camera setting to get the best results.You can snap a group of Post It Notes and they will save as separate notes. For example write 7 post it notes for one week holiday, each one has the itinerary or plan for each individual day plus any reservation numbers etc – share it with the participants. Evernote sell a proper Scanner that will copy all your paper, images and business cards with great digital quality and add them to the designated folder.

12. Post It Notes – You can set a particular colour as a specific

13. Audio – Record meetings, interviews, feedback or conversations, to keep or share later

14. Search – you can search by word, even in scanned docs or even by GEO location to see notes you made at a particular place like Dublin or Cork. If you enable Related Results in Google Chrome Extensions, then any search you do in Google will also bring up any results in your Evernote data – very slick ! In the paid version you can search in attached Documents and PDFs, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

15. Share – You can share specific Notebooks with Family or Work colleagues, to collaborate.

16. Security – You can keep Local notebooks that do not Sync across the web. You can even use built in encryption for items or parts of notes etc to sync over the web. The paid version has a Passcode lock that adds to the security.

17. eMail – There is an option to email yourself to an Evernote address something you see whilst browsing on someone elses computer and that email goes in to your file or a particular Notebook by @namedlist in the subject line and/or tag it with the # symbol ur set a reminder using the ! symbol.

18. Presentation – use this mode to presen and allow others to edit or amend a presentation

19. Reminders – Let Evernote remind when you want to attend to a note, project, presentation etc.

20. Skitch – It is not Adobe Photoshop but this photo editor is simple to use and allows you edit images, write or annotate on maps, images etc and even mark up websites like www.meanit.ie .

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