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Facetime for Business

by | Last updated: Dec 7, 2022

Facetime for Business – Video Tool

This application works on IOS exclusively, so any Apple user can connect with you.
You can Facetime using a number of email addresses or numbers, so that you can use it for work and personal conversations.Facetime-for-business-meanit

Sign in is done via your iTunes account – you do need an Apple ID.

You will have a Front facing camera to chat and a reverse option for showing something, so a very practical use of the application would be to show something to a potential client, such as a house for sale or car for sale. You can talk and walk, showing all the rooms or panels or features.
You can do support calls with clients, saving travel time and money, as well as speeding up the delivery of the support. Using the rear camera clients can show you their screen or you can show yours and what you are doing.
Likewise anyone can use Facetime to show how to do something offline from boiling an egg to using a software application on screen.
No group chats.
Video is encrypted so it is private.
It is FREE on Wifi or on mobile data it does use some of your allowance.
Use it on an iPhone, iPad or iMac, with up to 32 people.


facetime-call-tips-for-business-meanitVideo conferencing can be done with Facetime and the quality  is good.
Once you have a few people in a conference call, you can select the blue ‘i’ button so that you can talk privately with one particular member of the call.
You can still access other apps or information on your phone, by tapping the speaker button and then go to your home screen to access other apps.
If you want to talk with someone beside you in the room, then press the Mute button. You will still hear the conversation, but you will not be heard.
Facetime also allows you do Audio only calls, in case your bandwidth is poor.


Facetime-for-business-facedial-meanitTalk to coworkers, with a more personal touch by seeing each other during the conversation.
HR Managers should make good use of this to add that personal touch and show that you are approachable, available and personable.
Download Facedial a free app to allow you tap on your favourite contacts witin Facetime, as it avoids dialing and just alows you merge calls.
On a personal note it is a great way to stay in touch with the family when I am travelling abroad.
Use a battery or AC powered speaker to make it easier to hear as the Apple volume is not great.
Use Background Blur if you want to hide your background, just click on Portrait Mode and select this option.

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