Try it FREE for 30 Days – Simple to use and as complex as you need or want it to be. It does not replace our Accountant, but it does allow us do the bookkeeping bits that we need to do, with ease, in real time.

Invoices: We use it to do all our invoicing, even set up recuring invoices and record receipts in real time, produce Statements and Reminders, Estimates or Quotes. Our

MeanIT Freshbooks Cloud Accounting

Accountant Edwin Foley can access our Freshbooks account online to get whatever information he wants, to VAT returns etc. He can import or export information to his own Quickbooks or Sage platform. It is ideal for SMEs to produce all the records their Accountant needs.

Inventory: We list our products for invoicing and can also invoice for time spent as in hours and also invoice out any other relevant costs. Various team members have personalized access permissions.

Late Payment: Set up Late Payment Fees.

Tax: Set up your tax or VAT rates for the various products and services.

Multi Currency: Bill and get paid in Sterling, Dollars etc.

Time Tracking: When we create a project we can start logging time for each team member on the indivuals own mobile phone. Expenses can be recorded or an image can be snapped and added to the project for rebilling to the Client. We can also identify Unbilled time.

Data: We can export Customer lists to do a Mailshot or Newsletter, with Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Receipts: We can take Credit Card payments online and take deposits whilst with the new Client.

Template: Free templates and the option to customise invoices, receipts, statements etc. Add your Logo, Bank details etc.

Snail Mail: Post out invoices and Statements etc if you please.

Client login: Customers can see their invoices, statements, quotes etc online and we can see who is looking at what and when they do it.

Secure, Cloud based, Support is good and it is a friendly company, which is integrating with loads of other Apps every month.

FREE 30 Day Trial

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