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Google have decided to phase out Google+
Many business have a Google+ account, but do not know how to use it

mainly because Google did a bad job explaining the real benefits, whereas Facebook is all about how easy it is to use and connect. Even Twitter or Youtube are fairly straight forward to use and understand. Accept two things from me, which is that Google is not going away and it is the biggest Search Engine – rumours of Google+ demise are just wrong.

Once you accept these points, it follows that as a business, you need to manage your Google+ profile as part of your Marketing Plan.Google+ tips from Donegal based Web PartnersBy getting involved, creating a good profile, sharing good content, connecting with others, you will get more 1+s and you will be rewarded by getting enquiries or leads. Use Hashtags to get found in Google Explore and join the dots in the Googlesphere by ensuring that you have your Business appearing in Google Maps, GooglemyBusiness and Youtube, all connecting to each other.

When you are in the Googlesphere or space, try using their Apps like Googledocs or sheets etc.


1. Profile
Google+ business profile allows you create your personalised Profile and dictate what is seen about you in Google+, in the same way as you will have done for your Facebook Business page. This means that when found in Search that your Google+ results look good.
2. Network
Google+ does have followers and some of them are your customers or potential customers, so you can network with them through Google+.

A. Circles: Group your Contacts, in to Clients, Potential Clients, Suppliers, Partners, Staff etc

B. Communities: Googles own social media network, where you can join or even start a Group, for people with the same interest, whether it is about 3D Printers or Italian Cheese. Post useful or entertaining content here and get some engagement. Answer or ask questions, get involved – show authority. Include others in your articles using mentions, to improve engagement and get others adding to your discussion.

C. Hangouts: Hold meetings or webinars, do interviews and presentations.It is like using Skype, but possibly better.

Search – without overstating the obvious, everything you post in Google+ is indexed by Google and helps your business ranking in Google. Create useful content and if it is liked and shared,Google will reward you, by showing useful posts or discussions. You can create a Group to discuss your area of business, connect others in this space to discuss topics and allow Google find and publish the content. Use the Explore tab to find content to share with your community. You can bookmark useful posts or even create a Circle to add creators or contributors that you can check out from time to time.

Authorship–  you can link any Blog posts or articles on the net with your Google+ account.

Authority – Having your posts/content found by Google will help position you as an Authority figure in your area of business, so if your content is liked and shared Google will reflect this to your audience and anyone using general Search.

Stream is like Facebook feed. you can see what your friends are posting and comment on it or post your own material, just like FB timeline. Include a link back to the main article which should be on your own website, maybe in your blog.

It all sounds like work and yes it is, part of the responsibility for the Marketing Department. But it can help you get talking with the people you want to meet.


Basic stuff in Google+
1.  Make sure your business name is clear and interesting
2.  You are in the correct category
3.  That your tag line description is clear
4.  Have your cover image include and looking good
5.  Have your profile photo included
6.  Include your Social links
7.  Contact details – Add all
8.  Post Useful Content
9.  Credit authors
10. Post items that work well for you in your blog or other Social channels
11. Post Google+ links in Tweets to introduce it in 140 characters and bring people back to Google+
12. Make text interesting to the eye using Bold or Italics to make points stand out
13. Connect with others by commenting on their posts in a productive way, which will showcase you to their Circles
14. PR – Post events and let your Circles know whats happening and when
15. Believe- that if you work at Google+ it will generate leads or connections for you – give it some regular, dedicated time
16. Measure results and tweak content accordingly, see what works and do more of that
17. Continually add more people to Circles to grow your Network
18. Use good images in Posts to attract attention
19. Add Keywords and Hashtags to finish off the content well
20. Send us any other useful Tips to make this article better

Useful links:
Google – https://plus.google.com/communities/100733314294792518208
Martin Shervington – http://www.plusyourbusiness.com  – a paid Expert in the area and someone who can really tweak your Google+ presence to drive results.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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