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Holidays- Who Has The Time?

by | Last updated: Dec 7, 2022


Excuse the delayed “Monday” post, but I had a week away, hill walking in Austria with Edel and our four teenagers.
It did not seem like a great idea at the time we booked it, but it worked out so well. We stayed in Zell am See, at the bottom of SchmittenHohe. The challenge was to climb to the top and back down in under 6 hours on the one day.
Mission accomplished and we all feel great. Kids can surprise you!

See below my top 10 tips on how to stay connected while on vacation.

  1. Bring a smart phone
  2. Divert all calls to the office
  3. Keep phone on Airplane mode
  4. Leave laptop behind
  5. Use FREE Wifi hotspots
  6. Use Skype over Wifi
  7. Make use of WhatsApp and other useful apps
  8. Check email for emergency items
  9. You can set up Autoresponder message to say you are away
  10. Make the holiday your priority

And one last tip for good luck;

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate

How to holiday without stressing out:

As an Entrepreneur or business owner/manager, it is very hard to really get away from work. BUT it is essential for your sanity that you get away and get some headspace, which will benefit you, the family and the business. If you cannot leave, maybe you have a job and not a business, but that is a different blog item altogether.
The secret to getting away and staying on top of things is to prepare before you go, delegate what you can, use technology to stay connected and put stuff off for the week, so that you can enjoy and recharge the batteries.
Technology can help and the Ten tips above will help keep you connected without adding too much stress.
Trust your team and delegate as much as you can.

What to note – roaming and 3G charges have fallen dramatically across Europe.

TIP: Turn off Data Roaming and view email in a web browser if you have no Wifi – this reduces your data usage.

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