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How to Set up and Activate Stripe Payments

by | Last updated: Dec 5, 2022

Here is a short tutorial on the steps to creating a Stripe account so that you can accept online payments or contributions. And the link to Stripe to set up your account.

About Stripe

How to Set up and Activate Stripe Payments

The two Irish developers, John and Patrick Collison, from Limerick started Stripe in 2010. They wanted to provide an easier way for developers to implement a payment gateway system for apps and websites. Later on, Stripe partnered with Visa and other credit card companies and it is now one of the most secure, payment systems in the world, with a strong focus on fraud prevention. It was also one of the first payment gateways besides PayPal that allows for recurring charges on customer credit cards. The combination of ease of integration and high-security standards make it the most popular payment gateway system. And it is very user-friendly, more so than Paypal. Are you ready to get started?

Step 0: Have all information ready – you need all this

  • Country you’re located
  • Business description
  • Business type
  • Tax ID
  • Business address
  • Business website
  • Your legal name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number (for US, it will vary by country)
  • Business name and phone number to show on customer’s credit card statement
  • Your bank details including account number and routing number

Step 1: Enter the Registration Page on Stripe.com

Setting up and Activating Stripe Payments – Open your Internet Browser and go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

This will show you about Setting up and Activating Stripe Payments:
1. Go to Stripe & Create your account
2. Login to your dashboard & turn your account on by flipping the switch from “Test” to “Live”
3. Click “Activate Account” in the pop up window to fill out the standard business details Stripe needs to send you payments
4. Once you’ve completed the entire form, click “Activate Account”
5. Now that your Stripe account is live, send the access username and password to your web design agency to configure on your website – use a password that you can replace when the site is going live with Stripe configured and tested.

Add a Developer
In the Stripe dashboard, you can go top settings or business settings. Here you can select Team and Add User, then insert the email address your developer gives you. See below.

Note: Unlike Paypal, your customers do not need and are not asked or prompted to have a Stripe account. They can pay using any major credit card.

Note: Stripe charge 1.4% on European Credit cards and 2.9% on non European – see pricing at https://stripe.com/ie/pricing

Developer Access to your Stripe Account 

Stripe-Dashboard-Developer-AccessYou can to add your web design team as a ‘developer’ in your Stripe account.  That way they can access the Stripe account anytime without having to enter the Two Factor Authentication code every time.

See here at Invite Developer to Stripe Account Instructions

This is our process for every client who will be using Stripe, as it keeps your account secure and we get just enough access to get what we need.

Invite team members or developers to access your Stripe account

The owner or an administrator for a Stripe account can invite new team members to access a Stripe account from the dashboard under Business Settings.

To add a new team member:

Log into the Stripe dashboard and navigate to Business Settings.

Click Team.

Select + New User from the top right.

Add the email address(es) of the team member(s) to invite to the Stripe account.

Note: Only one user role can be selected at a time, so when adding multiple email addresses, make sure all team members listed should all have the same user role/permission. To assign different user roles to different team members, repeat the process to select the appropriate role for each one.

Click Invite to send the invitation email.

If the team member does not have a Stripe login yet, they will be invited to create one and then can access the account. If they have an existing account, they will be prompted to log into Stripe and can then switch between accounts.


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