RIPL the animated graphics app

Another Graphic app – this time use it to animate an image and make it more interesting or to add a heading and a text message or description. This app is so easy to use and it is free unless you want to buy the Pro version for €9.99 a month. If you are interested try the 7 day trial first.  The Pro version gives you access to a design catalog and allows you remove the RIPL logo from your creations or add your own, if you like. It also allows you schedule posts to your Social channels and you can save them to your camera roll.

Why use RIPL

RIPL image from Geekwire for MeanIT Web Partners Blog

Ease – simple app to use
Speed – No technical stuff
Graphic ability – none needed
Social – add messages to Social posts for better engagement
Sharing – easy to do from within RIPL
Promotion – Take a promoted advert, tweak the message and post it in your feed to earn money
FREE – Whats not to like about the price

I got this one from the wonderful Donna Moritz at Socially Sorted who got it from the incredible Kim Garst at Boom Social, so it is highly recommended indeed. As an app it is genuinely easy to use, especially for someone with no graphic design skills. As with any App this does not replace your graphic designer, it just adds to your tool set, especially for Social media output. Take a simple image and quickly add an animated or moving message or call to action. The person who manages your Social output will love this App, as it is aimed at that sort of person, ideally with 1000+ followers. RIPL records engagement and will even offer you a free PRO subscription if you have 1000+ followers and fill in a monthly survey.

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