Sharing Economy – Less goods, more people

Rent out your “stuff” or rent someones – Why have idle rooms, bikes, cars, snowboards, lawnmowers etc. Share the cost of travel or “stuff” – there is a whole new generation of people who want to share the cost of everything abd be a part of a Sharing Economy.

AirBandB will rent you a room in any one of 192 countries and offers offline “Experiences” locally. Make use of your empty rooms and become a Host for a night or a week.

MeanIT Sharing Economy

Snapgoods or Simplist allows you list what you own and rent it out whether it is a lawnmower or a boat. It also allows you se who you know who has what you want to use.

DogVacay Find a place to leave your pet when you travel or look after a pet for someone else.

Fon Share your wifi with others around the globe

LiftShare Share the cost of travelling and get some company too

SpinLister  Rent a Bike or a Snowboard

LendingClub  Borrow money peer to peer and pay less interest

TaskRabbit Get someone to do a task or volunteer to do tasks for a reward

Getaround Rent out your car or get a car rental

Rentez-Vous allows girls rent or rent out clothes, so that many can wear the few items.

Sharing economy – We even share websites for Clients, so ask us about WAAS web as a service !

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