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by | Last updated: Dec 6, 2022

TeamworkPM Project Management Collaboration App

This is a very secure Project Collaboration tool, a web based app, allowing you work on things with your team and your customers. It allows you set up a Project, then add Tasks, assign them to whoever needs to do them, add notes, Comments or Notebooks, record time spent on each task, even allocate or estimate the time allowed on any task.

You can add images, pdfs, spreadsheets, docs etc. You can also Copy a Notebook an paste it in to another project, which helps with processes.

MeanIT TeamworkPM

It is ideal for anyone who has more than one Project on at any one time, especially where you work with a team and more so, if you do not all work in one office. You can give access or limited access to people who are involved as a third party, such as the Graphic designer or accountant. You can assign Tasks by email if you like.

The time worked by any person on a task or part of a task can be logged as they work and then billed to the project or client. Use Workload option to see the time estimated for tasks and the actual time used for the task by any individual or team.

Access via your laptop or pc or Smartphone through mobile version or via their own free App for IOS or Android. The Teamwork API allows it work with other apps, such as Dropbox, Freshbooks or Google Docs and you can even import your data from Basecamp.
When you finish a Project, you can Archive it, which is very handy as the monthly charge is based on the number of live projects, rather than the number of all projects.
Use Outlook or Google Calendar to set up tasks or reminders to stay on top of project milestones etc.


Meanit Customers on TeamworkPM

Your name is added as a user in Teamworkpm our chosen web based Project Collaboration solution, as soon as we start your project.
Basically, it means you can add Tasks to be done in your own project and see which tasks have been done or are being done and you can see how much time each one takes – total Transparency. You only get billed for Tasks rquested by you and only for whatever time is needed to accomplish the task. You can even set the allowed or estimated time for a task.

When you get a chance, log in and see what is slated for doing and have a look around, so that you can easily add jobs whenever you like from wherever you like.

TeamworkPM gives you the info you need, to know where your business stands at any particular moment. When know that, you can feel confident in the decisions that you make. Add in accountability, time management, security and privacy to see why so many use this Irish app. It is like having your own Project Manager watching over the team.

Reports can be delivered as Gannt charts. Sign in can be done using Google Apps for single sign in to many different apps.

Support is fast and friendly and based in Cork.:-)

FREE Trial available and prices start from €12 a month  see www.teamworkpm.net

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