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What can I do outside of my website to get people to visit my website?

by | Last updated: Feb 25, 2024


10 ways to promote your website

1. Blog on your website with information on useful relevant topics and giving useful tips or advice. Show some expertise, share some valuable insights. Show what you know. Give some useful valuable advice.

2. Guest blog on other websites with a link back to your own website. Perhaps do an interview type piece with a related business. As an Accountant you could discuss the cost of construction with a local builder. Both of you can share this content on your website and Social Channels.

3. Join forums in Facebook, Linkedin or elsewhere to answer industry related relevant questions with a link to your website or even just your domain, email address or forum username to create a link. If someone such as an Accountant asked for website advice in a forum, we could add a useful response, which shows expertise.

4. Do public talks on your subject and promote the website that way. Talk to industry groups or local gatherings, on Zoom webinars, at CPD events or on local radio or newspapers.

5. Include your website details on your business stationery, letterheads, business cards, invoices, statements etc. Seems like a no brainer, but you will still see Hotmail and Eircom email addresses being promoted on delivery trucks or vans.

6. Likewise include your website details in your email signature with a direct link to your website and your Linkedin profile page or Linkedin Corporate stroke Company page.

7. Use company vehicles to promote your website, making the writing easy to ready at a glance – maybe add a short catchy memorable tag line. “Pay less tax, talk to Bonnergill.ie” or “So fresh its famous – PattheBaker.com

8. Include the url on all signage as in WWW.MEANIT.IE – again make it very clear. Add a good tag line. Perhaps sponsor a sign in your local sports clubs with your WWW and tag line.

9. Create Social channels to promote your website in Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc – You can do short posts in here to link back to longer form content in your website.

10. Add a Google Business Profile page – think of it as a free website from Google. Get reviews and list all your services here.

Pay For Traffic
You can open a Google Ads account to promote your website for a PPC pay Per Click fee and it is well recommended that you do so, if you want or need leads very quickly. This option will obviously cost you.

Likewise you could advertise on Facebook Ads and again it works well, if used properly. Make sure that you keep the target market demographics tight and put a cap on the spend. Otherwise your credit card could get mauled.

Both these options need careful managing, as they can end up costing a lot of wasted investment. This is where a specialist PPC specialist, social media marketer or a digital marketer can add a lot of value or save a lot of wasted spend.

And Newspapers are making a comeback, so consider your local paper or radio, which is also a great way to promote. When they give you their advertising oiptions, ask them for advice and ask for some guarantees too.

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