What happens when the website goes live?

Website Support PlansWhat happens when the website goes live. What we do
When the site goes live, we will watch over it and support it for 30 days, to ensure that you have no technical problems,. We will iron out any bugs. That 30 days will allow you and your visitors really test the website. After that 30 days we offer Monthly Support Plans and recommend you sign up to one. These care plans mean that we do all the techie stuff for you, updating the software, applying patches, security updates and upgrades. This support allows you concentrate on your business.

What happens when the website goes live. What you do, 
You can start editing or adding content, photos and text. Every time you access your website you will see the stats or figures showing how many visitors you have received and how long they spend on your website, even the number of pages they visit. Start asking any new visitors or caller where did they get your contact details, to find out where you are getting your leads. This will help you focus on that source and improve it. Adding useful, valuable, insightful content about your services or the problem you solve, on your website, will attract more and more visitors. If you keep adding and curating useful content, you will rank higher in search and attract more visitors – how did you get to this page? This, effectively, is Content Marketing which is the single best way to attract visitors on the web.. Not all your visitors will contact you, not all will be suitable, but your website should filter the visitors for you, so that the right leads come in, the people who you can best serve. If you need to get someone to create content for your website, think about hiring a professional content creator.

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