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What is WP Elevation? How are we qualified to build WordPress websites?

by | Last updated: Dec 5, 2022

What is WP Elevation?

How are we qualified to build WordPress websites?

WP Elevation Certificate WordPress Digital Business ConsultantEducation

We are fully certified as Digital Business Consultants by WP Elevation, which is the best-known authority for WordPress Consultant Training. This ensures that we are trained in best practices when it comes to running a WordPress Web Design Agency.

Ongoing training further ensures that we stay up to date with WordPress innovations, training, and support. We also get support from the WP Elevation Community, which again helps us resolve any technical issues we might have on client websites.

John completed his BSc Degree in Digital Technology and Design, Digital Skills Academy Degree Course Accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology, which covers his formal education, but he has been developing WordPress websites for over 10 years. Full formal education details are below.

WP Elevation CertificateExperience

We have been creating websites since 1997 when Jeff Bezos was just getting started on Amazon. We have been Internet nuts since we started creating basic HTML sites, before moving to .Net and then Joomla and finally WordPress. We used our free time networking with other like-minded people in GeoCities, way before Facebook or even Friendster or MySpace, to find ways of innovating our client websites. There is no college degree course that would give someone the sort of experience we have gained by developing dozens of websites every year. Sites like Golden Discs, Grant Thornton, Tomkins, Thorntons Recycling, and many more.

Why do we use WordPress? 10 Reasons

1. Because it is the best choice for a lot of business sites.
2. It is the platform we use ourselves for our own websites.
3. We have chosen to specialise in WordPress!
4. WordPress is open source content management software.
5. WordPress currently powers over 30% of all websites on the Internet.
6. The WordPress platform or project has tens of thousands of developers and contributors all over the world.
7. WordPress continues to develop and grow at a fast pace to keep up with new innovations.
8. WordPress allows us to develop to modern standards.
9. WordPress observes web development best practices.
10. The vast WordPress ‘ community of web developers who develop in and use WordPress allows us to tap into their collective experience and intelligence for innovation.

You do not have to go with WordPress, but we will only develop WordPress projects. So we are not always the best choice, but have a talk with us and find out if we are right for each other.

Formal Qualifications include:

Digital Skills Academy Degree Course Accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology:
BSc Degree in Digital Technology and Design

Primary Module: Coding/Programming

Qualified in the following subjects/modules:

– Web & Device Programming
– UX/UI & Concept Design
– Sever-Side Web Development
– Mobile & Web Applications
– Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation
– Digital Industries & Career Development

Plus 10 years of practical experience building websites in .Net, Joomla and WordPress.

We continually invest in our own Skillability as a team with a few hours a week of Continuous Professional Development.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on SEO and how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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