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What is a Website Discovery Session?

by | Last updated: Dec 28, 2021

Website Discovery Session – What is it?

What we do in a website project workshop or discovery session. Dedicated time with you to determine what you want to achieve, with whom, when and how to put metrics in place to gauge how successful the project is for you. Gathering all this information is critical to the success of your project. Much like talking with your architect before the builder comes on site. You need a plan and so does the builder or developer. Without collecting all this information, there can be no plan, so the website is guesswork and cannot be right.

MEANit_web-design-team-membersAgenda – 7 Discussion Points to look at what you really want

Your Goals – What do you want from this website project? Leads, enquiries, sales, recruitment…

Audience – Who is the target audience and how will you attract them, engage them and convert them…. Perhaps we can talk to some of your existing clients on your behalf to see what they would like

Visitor Goals – What do visitors want to get from a website visit? Answers, information, contact details..

Content – What needs to be on the website, in terms of the pages and all the related photos, videos, written content, advice, etc.

Look & Feel – Is it to be high quality Custom Graphic Design or a low cost Design Theme, Professional ‘Blue’ Corporate or Eco green, Friendly orange or distinctly local to your town or county in Ireland etc. Are there any sites you like or dislike? Are you happy that the market or the designer dictates the look or do you want to dictate it?

Functionality – Is there to be a Newsletter, Blog, Shop, Application Form, Contact form, dealer login, eCommerce, Booking Engine, Calendar, etc. Will it be Mobile First, fast loading, well optimised…..And who will maintain and manage it, create and add content or do your seo. What is your budget for this project?

See the typical list of questions we ask here. Allow 2 hours for a workshop and ensure that all decision makers are present. This is your opportunity to ensure that any investment of your resources, time and money are put to good use.

The Socratic questioning is meant to determine why you really want a website. By all means pay for this session as a standalone No obligation service. You will use the results of it to plan the development of your new website, regardless of which web design agency you have develop the website.

Brief – It may not be the shortest document, but you will get a Brief within one week, which will list in details the points we discussed and the recommendations we make. Along with any targets agreed or list of metrics suggested. Plus the details of any recommended platforms, plugins, tools or professional partners for videography, photography, hosting, Google Ads etc.  This is yours to do with as you please. Once you pay for this you can decide how to use it and with whom.

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