Website Discovery Session – What is it?

What we do in a website project workshop.or discovery session

MEANit_web-design-team-membersAgenda – 7 Discussion Points to look at what you really want
Your Goals – What do you want from this website project?
Visitor Goals – What do visitors want to get from a website visit?
Content – What needs to be on the website, in terms of photos, written content, advice, etc
Look & Feel – Is it to be Custom Design or a Design Theme, Professional blue or Eco green, Friendly orange or local etc
Functionality – Is there to be a Newsletter, Blog, Shop, Application Form, Booking Engine, Calendar, etc

See the typical list of questions we ask here. Allow 2 hours for a workshop and ensure that all decision makers are present. This is your opportunity to ensure that any investment of your resources, time and money are put to good use. The Socratic questioning is meant to determine why you really want a website.

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