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Choosing a Web Design Agency – Why choose MEANit

by | Last updated: Sep 10, 2023

Why choose MEANit Web Design Agency? 10 good reasons.


1. Target Driven – Most people are not looking for a website. So, we focus on delivering you agreed results rather than just simply delivering a website, as if that is all you need. We like to set targets with you at the outset, to ensure that we work together to get you a good return on your investment. The targets could be a percentage increase in leads or sales, more visitors, more bookings, more calls, less tyre kickers, better ranking in Google search, more positive reviews, more press coverage – every client and project is different.
Why do you want a website? It could be as simple as you want to reduce the number of telephone callers or physical visitors, by answering questions on your website. Or you want to recruit staff without needing to use a recruitment agency.

2. Open SourceNo Risk for you. Our business website designs give you full control and independence. No more disappointment, because you are stuck with one web guy or some old website platform which eventually just disappears. All our websites are built as CMS Content Management Systems by very experienced WordPress developers and engineers, on Open Source WordPress platforms, this means you can dictate who works on your web presence. You can switch web design agencies at any time, if you ever want to do so.

Website Design WordPress3. WordPress Specialists – We are WordPress specialists, choosing to work as specialists on the one single platform, because it is best suited for our clients. We can build WordPress websites from scratch or we can take over and revamp an old site with new design or features to get better results. We can manage any upgrade or migration and maintain your valuable Google history, which is critical. Check out our Google Reviews.


4. Responsive Design – All our website designs are designed “mobile first” to ensure that you look good and get results on a small screen. All sites are mobile responsive at a minimum and are mobile adaptive if you need a separate mobile look.
Note: Most conversions or transactions generally begin with an initial search on a mobile phone, before moving to desktop or tablet to complete a purchase or enquiry.

Donegal-county-crest5. Dependable – All our website designs are built with the future in mind, so they can grow with you. We plan or Architect each website individually, before we get it designed or developed. As an analogy think how you get a house built, you engage an Architect, who then agrees a plan and design with you before the Builder or Interior designer starts doing any work. That ‘planning’ is critical to the success of the project. You would not ask your Architect to build your house. Or ask your Builder to design it either. It takes a combined set of skills and relevant experience. Our Team delivers all of this and more. You can add on eCommerce functionality or Booking Engine, Forums or Catalogues. This could be the last website platform you ever buy! What does a typical website cost?

6. No Technical Experience necessary by youNo Coding Experience is required.  Our Open Source WordPress CMS website design gives you the ability to add, edit or delete content yourself, giving you full control of your WordPress website. Learn to optimise your website content, blog successfully and rank well in search. Full website support service available. SEO, Content Creation, Graphic Design and Care Plans available.

Website Support Plans7. Support – We offer a website Monthly Care Plan where we do all the software updates to ensure your WordPress website is live 24/7. And we offer 24 hour support response. After 20 years in this business we know how to safeguard our client websites.

8. Design – We offer high quality Custom Graphic Design by experienced, talented Irish or Ireland based graphic designers who specialise in website design. We can work with your own graphic designers if that is what you want, as long as they can design competently for web. We also work with photographers and videographers, illustrators and content creators in Ireland to create great content for client websites.


9. Local – Inhouse – All our Design and Development Team members are based in Ireland. Most are based in Donegal, Dublin or Derry. We love supporting Irish businesses with our authentic award winning talented Irish team. You get to deal directly with our Ireland based team members and we offshore nothing to India or Eastern Europe. A big part of what we want to do is to create good jobs in our own community, in our own country.

10. Guarantees – We have a very successful defined process – see HERE. And we stand over what we do. We will not take on a project, unless we feel we can deliver value. For that reason we even offer some money back guarantees. Look at our work portfolio before choosing a web design agency and see for yourself how happy our clients are with the results they get. That is why most of our business comes from ‘Word of Mouth’ referral. We turn away a lot more work than we take on, to ensure we do what we are good at doing. We can only take on about 40 new clients a year. 

Disclaimer: We do not do Enterprise or Retail eCommerce or develop ‘apps’ or custom code ‘bespoke’ projects. What we do, we do well, business websites for professional services, mainly in Construction, Financial and Legal sectors – simple.

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