WhatsApp – connecting friends and family !

What is WhatsApp and how do you use it? Why use it?

Reasons to use WhatsApp

  1. FREE App used for communication.Whatsapp
  2. Send and receive messages on the go, via mobile using 3G mobile data or wifi.
  3. There is no limit on the number of texts, video or audio messages you can send.
  4. It is suitable for download with both Apple and Android.
  5. Use instead of your SMS allowance.
  6. Faster than text.
  7. Connect as fast as SMS text message.
  8. Use when you have wifi and no phone service – great when abroad.
  9. Send Group messages – create a group for friends, family or work and stay connected in a conversation.
  10. Popular with millenials so stay in touch with the kids.
  11. Send voice messages.
  12. See if your message is delivered.
  13. See when it has been read (this has been known to cause arguements the world over. Arguements usually start with “You read my whatsapp and didn’t reply!”)
  14. Get notifications of messages and create personalised notifications.
  15.  Turn notifications on/off.
  16. whatsapp-imageSet background wallpaper. This can be one of your own images or more general.


  1. Needs 3G or wifi to send or receive messages.
  2. Can access your contacts – with your permission.
  3. Some feel their privacy is compromised, however, this app is no different to other apps in terms of permissions.


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