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A Video Sharing website owned by Google, currently the second biggest Search Engine in the world, with over 3 billion searches a month. Video is becoming crucial, as people are not reading any more, but watching video is the way people take in information.

MeanIT Donegal Web Design Blog YoutubeWhat is Youtube ?

A platform where Registered users can upload video, so it is ideal for Vlogging or video blogging. Video length is initially capped at 15 minutes and 20gb per video until Youtube decide your are adding useful content and then they may allow up to 12 hour long videos. Over 50% of all Youtube users watch video on their smartphones, as their primary device, even in the home.

Why would you use Youtube for Business ?

Youtube allows you add videos that can show off your talents, so if you are a chef, show how to videos, like how to cook paella etc. If you are a photographer who teaches, then show some tips or examples of the content of your class. Even a builder can show work or financial advisors can give advice. Become an authority figure on your topic, in Youtube as you would do in your website or in your local area. Loads of people have become Youtube stars, personalities and millionaires. It is like having your own TV channel. Keeping it real , you will probably just be happy to get clients or potential clients having a look at your videos, to see what you offer or how to make good use of what you have to offer. It is a great way to do a presentation that your potential client can view at their leisure – just send them the link in an introductory email.

How do I set up a Youtube account ?

Log in to your Google Account
Go to the Youtube tab
Select Add ChannelName it with a logical name that relates to your business or trade
Logo – Add your Logo
Artwork – Add some attractive relevant Artwork, make it look good
Description – Add Description to explain what you do or offer and the purpose of the channel
Social – Add your social links. Google+ will already be there
Verify your Channel
Add a One Minute trailer to explain what you are to cover as in topics etc
Include annotations in your videos
Frequency – add videos on a regular cycle, whether that is daily, weekly or monthly – keep it constant, so that your audience gets familar with your output. Make no false promises, like I will post video every day
Content – make it engaging, entertaining and or educational or all three
MetaData – Add the relevant keywords, description and filename
Titles – keep them short and explanatory

Content is accessible through the Youtube website and is not downloadable, but you can embed it or your web developer can make the video appear in a frame within your website and it can be shared in some social media platforms. Mainly, Youtube want you to go to their website to view any video.

How do I use the account at Youtube for Business ?

1. Create video to promote your business, show your talents, be easily found in search, especially Google, entertain, educate or engage. Our first Video…10 Ways to baste chicken…How to tile a wetroom…What to do during a lightening storm…How to use a Gas Barbeque….How to edit a WordPress website

2. This is a great way to show tips and trailers and get found for these topics.

3. You can convey so much in an image and so much more again in a video than you can in a long wordy article.

4. Google will find your video MetaData, so it all helps in Search, therefore optimise your keywords, description and filename.

5. Having a Youtube channel shows competency and relevance and that you are keeping up with technology.

6. Repurpose content from the video in to Blog articles and website articles, add a transcript to make it easier for your audience.

7. It is Mobile friendly – test view your content. This is a great way to promote your business online.

8. Its is FREE

9. Analytics – you also get FREE Analytics.

10. It is EASY – try it

Go, get started, keep it simple, record a short intro using your webcam or smartphone – give it a shot. For Video explainers check out Think Media Channel.

This is a very low cost, simple way to upload video that can be seen, so you can direct people to it. For more tips and advice, from Youtube click HERE

Control – Youtube tends to try to keep visitors on their platform, whereas Vimeo does not. (Vimeo has a Paid for subscription that allows you pay about €20 a month and have about 20GB of space).
Context – If someone finds your video and watches it, Youtube then offers a selection of “related” videos, which may not be what you want to have seen beside your video.
Advertising – Youtube video is plastered with adverts, over which you have little control, many of which are very spammy, whereas Vimeo does not do this. But Vimeo is not owned by Google, so your video will not really get found in search. Use Vimeo if you do not want to depend on Search, to have your video seen. Or if you want more control.
Spoiler alert – If you post a video  in Youtube, then someone reports it as unsuitable for any reason, Youtube is likely to take down your video or videos until it gets time to investigate. This could adversely affect your business, so it is well worth considering.

Tip: Read Nathan Hagues explanation HERE of how to put together a great video for Youtube to get the best out of any spend. He breaks down the video in to parts and tells you exactly what to do.
Tip: Create a GIF of a Youtube video and add to your article.
Add GIF in front of URL to create a GIF of your video. 

Advertising Tips:
Create a promo video and have it advertised to people looking for for related products or services. If you sell property do a tips video on house design, to try to get to people when they are looking for houses and before they buy. Offer some FREE tips or advice, with a tag line like “If you want to know how to design passive homes”. Add a call to action in a layer in the video, such as for more tips click here, to go to a landing page.

Creating video content today
You could hire in a professional video production company to  create professional content and that might well be a very good investment. But even if you have a low or no budget, you can still create video content. You can record using your phone, your laptop or PC and a digital camera recorder. You can record your screen and yourself using Loom or Camtasia, Lumen5 and many other similar apps. If you are recording audio it would be good to use a decent microphone such as a Blue Yeti or a Rode Procaster. Anything from €50 to €150 would get a good mic if you have a small budget, but the mic on your earphones will do if you have no budget.
Yes it is more work, more time invested in marketing, but the other option is to invest in ‘spray and pray’ advertising on radio or in newspapers or even in Google Adwords or trade magazines.

YouTube TV is live
Just a note to say that YouTube is now offering a Premium or Paid For service, which offers actual TV content from loads of TV Networks. It also includes access to live content such as Sports Events coverage. For about US$30 a month you can have 6 users watch content on their  IOS or Android phone as well as their computer. You get the option to watch live content from a variety of sources including FOX sports and you get access to cloud storage where you can record content to watch later, for up to 9 months. How a business can best access this to advertise is not obvious yet and it is currently only available on a US account.

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