Backlinks Tips For A Small Business

Backlinks TipsBacklinks are simply that, links from other websites back to your website. Thay can be a good indicator of popularity, as Google sees them and reckons that these sites rate your site strongly enough to want to link to it – makes sense. Much like reviews and shares it appears to indicate some level of popularity or perceived authority. The better the authority of the linking site, the better the link will look to Google. You can help yourself, by creating some such links. Do some searches using key words or terms about your industry, see who is writing articles that get loads of shares, then comments on these or create a better version of your own and share it to get links. Answering questions in forums helps readers and earns you some follows or shares.

Build relevant backlinks for your niche whatever that may be

Since we are web developers, we can simply do a Google search of “web design directories” or “web development directories”. Then we caan click on any relevant search result that comes up. When these directories get found on Google it means they are a decent directory to submit a link to, especially for Google. A lot of directories are free, so add your website to these.

Local Directories

Look up “web directories ireland” or “business directories Ireland” on Google and add your site there. On these directories do a search on the sites first, to double check if your site is already on it and make sure there is a proper link to your site .

Competitor’s Backlinks

There are several FREE and paid tools to find competitors backlinks, you can Google “competitors backlink checker”

1) free (limited) and paid for a fantastic offering. But affordable only if you are a heavy user.

2) This site looks spammy, but it is one of the best backlink checkers.

3) Backlinko – Brian Deans site is a paid service, but he knows his stuff. Read his Blog and sign up for useful tips

When you put in your competitors url or domain name, watch their backlinks load up and open them up. They could be directories, articles where they are mentioned or they could be blog comments. If it is an article where the competitor is mentioned, just check on the page, if you can add a comment and do so by putting the  Url into the website comment form section.

Conclusion About Backlinks

This is tedious work that most companies tend to outsource to Digital Marketing companies or worse some low cost offshore option with a bag ful of promises, filled with dangerous black hat techniques. Do the hard yards and do it right, even if it is over a longer period of time. Protect your good name with Google, but do start creating some useful links to your website. .

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