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Canva – FREE Graphics app that is easy to use

by | Last updated: Dec 22, 2021

Canva is a simple, unsophisticated graphics tool

But this is great for simple graphics tasks, take an image and add text, create a simple card or advert for social media, create original content for your website, add an original image to your presentation. Do small things quickly.


10+  Things we use Canva for:

www.meanit.ie blog


The image above cost US$3 to create, one dollar for each of the Canva images we used such as the coffee cup and took less than 10 minutes to put together – simple.

Other things we use Canva for include:

Creating images for presentations including Powerpoint
Adding colour with images for documents or Manuals
Website article images like this one
Mailchimp or Newsletter graphics
Blog images including Teaser images
Website quotations or Tiles – motivational words with a relevant image
Birthday Cards
Valentines Cards
Christmas Cards
Thank You Cards
Facebook advertising tiles
Flyers or handbills as they call them Stateside
Popup Posters

10+ Benefits of using Canva include:

No training needed – No prior experience- Full Knowledge Base included
No other software required
Works on PC, Laptop and iPad – move from one to another freely
Works within your browser
Free, Premium or your own images can be used
Tools include adding filters, resizing, brightening or darkening
Fonts – loads, literally hundreds of them
Share direct to social media or with other people
Collaborate on your design with someone else, allow them enter comments when you share
Templates – find layouts that suit you and save them to use time and time again such as a house style for your webssite or for using in Facebook with less than 20% text
Text – Add your own message or text to images
Backgrounds – Choose one to suit your creation
Pages – create as many as you like
Resizing is simple
Drag and Drop images
Premium image library offers from US$1 – Buy what you need – Pay as you go
Formats – Download the masterpiece as a jpg or png or pdf etc.

The end of the Graphic Designer?

Michael and Edel MacGinty PiratesCan you sack your Graphic Designer now? No way! This app will give you an idea how much work is actually involved in creating good graphics and indeed how poor graphics can be put together so easily. Plus. you will be able to use basic existing graphics, but it does not make you a “creative”. These people think differently to typical Canva users. You using Canva, to a Graphic Designer, is just like you making toast is to the Chef in your local good restaurant – no comparison, no competition. Canva just gives you the freedom to play at graphics, do simple repairs, create colour for documents etc. Give it a try HERE

Canva even has a Search tab to allow you search for types of images or images by name.

Anything that gets the world using more graphics is a good thing, as it adds colour and helps explain a story, a concept or a plan etc. Good graphic design is as important as the text it adorns.

For more Graphic Design information and more FREE apps see the article on Graphic Design Explained

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