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Digital Engagement explained.

by | Last updated: Dec 7, 2022

What is digital engagement?

Anything that involves a conversation online, including blogging and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and other media channels like Flickr, YouTube and many others to interact with customers or potential customers.
Which channels are best for you? Have you any idea what level of Instagramability you are at? As in, do visitors take photos of your premises or products and share them with their friends?

Connecting on forums, Facebook Groups and community sites, getting people to write feedback, comments, reviews or vote & rate things online using digital tools. Answering questions, using chat bots, handling

Digital-Engegement-MeanITenquiries, providing solutions or answers, knowledge sharing, advice giving, teaching and so much more. It may be referred to as a ‘marketing’ ploy and sometimes it may be, but it is everything done online to talk, communicate or influence.

Where SEO Search Engine Optimisation was the main way to get people to find you, that is changing rapidly. So that what you say online or put online is what gets you found. Content marketing is a big part of how to engage, so it is important to get it out, but get it right too. Forget advertising in newspapers with old fashioned adverts that use up your advertising budget. Start publishing your own articles that show people what you know – what is your area of expertise, what problem do you solve and why are you a good option. This is all part of your digital engagement.

Consider it as everything you do online and everything that is said online about you or your products, brand or service. Some things you control and some you do not. We live in a Digital Age during a Digital Revolution, where we moved the emphasis from Industrial to Intellectual and we will be just as affected as the people in 1760 or 1820. Our steam engine is the internet and we can all ride it, ignore it or fight it.

Our advice is to embrace the change and mould its power to suit your will. Hop on the train or get left behind – “all aboard thats comin’ aboard”.

Digital Marketing – If this got you thinking and you want to look at your Digital Footprint, Engagement or Plan, contact Michael MacGinty on 086 2510117

There is a lot to it and you do need spare parts, as well as a local technician or technical team to help manage all the parts so that the wheels go around.

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