Do We Need A New Website ?

A new website will allow you to:

MeanIT Need A New Website1. Design – add a new design theme to make the website look better or fresher to reflect your feel, your story

2. Navigate – improve the Navigation, how visitors find content or go from page to page – reduce the bounce rate where visitors leave after landing on one page

3. Deliver – Stop using PDFs or attachments and start adding actual pages where Google and Visitors can see the content clearly with 3 clicks

4. Use – have an easier to use CMS Content Management Solution website – basically, a tool that is easy to add, edit and delete content

5. Avoid blackmail – Get a non proprietary Open Source solution, so that you can have any competent developer tweak, rather than be tied to the one supplier

6. Innovate – add plugins like a Google Calendar or Booking engine without issue, because the new platform allows this

7. Protect – Old Technology leads to new problems. security breach, hacking, problems working with new apps

8. Socialise – add Social Media plugins for facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc

9. Educate – have a Social Dynamic Blog to share your news, ideas, advice, recipes etc.

10. Connect – offer to send a Newsletter to help with communications, gather or capture names for database

11. Respond – On a mobile phone have a Responsive Mobile layout and look that works for the size of the screen

12. Layout – have pages look better, be better laid out and allow visitors see where they want to go next, until such point as they Contact you or Buy from you.

13. Share – newer sites have simple plugins that allow people “Share” items, pages, recipes etc from your website

14. Include – by adding Members or allowing visitors add items or feed you information via forms etc

15. Optimise – a new site will make it easier to do your SEO and  Digital Marketing


An old website will

1. Stop working if it is not upgraded regularly with newer Versions of the software that makes them work

2. Stop working if it is not updated with Security Patches

3. Be Hacked – if the two items above are not done

4. Age – Look old and reflect badly on you and your business

5. Hinder – Stop you doing all you can do on the web, like having Customers order online or buy online or do some of the data entry for you

6. Be ignored – Not get any attention from you and stop you getting a new site, simply because you think “we already have a site” – you probably already have a Smart Phone – how often do you change it ? How long do you keep your Car ? How about your Laptop ? Technology moves on – will you ?

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