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Pain & Problems, Solutions & Practitioners.

by | Last updated: Dec 7, 2022

Sickness Doctors and patients – who is listening? How to listen to find the pain.

Good doctors, like good coaches or salesmen are constantly listening to patients or clients to best understand in detail the pain they are having, so that the doctor or salesman can prescribe the right treatment.

The treatment might involve some medicine, but as long as it improves the situation, it should be the right way to go.

When a good Doctor or salesman shows that he fully understands the pain and the strain, he is then in a good position to recommend something in a way the patient or client will be happy to accept.

Tips/Take Aways

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Try explaining what you understand the position to be
  3. Write up a Brief for everyone to read
  4. Involve all the decision makers
  5. Do a mockup or prototype and test if possible
  6. Debate before rather than after you start
  7. Keep a record of everything. Things may go over your head during an initial meeting. It is important to refer back to your notes to avoid missing key details.
  8. Ask “What would make this a success in your mind ?
  9. Include the exclusions – point out what is NOT included. Maybe list the potential inclusions and any costs. Have the hard talk early on
  10. Look for a relationship deal rather that a Transactional deal

Our Sales Doctor is sick

This week I am reporting live from my hospital bed. I have been a little poorly of late brought on by a bacterial infection that came from a spider bite. Thankfully I am slowly on the mend but it might explain the sudden hospital theme!
I wear many different hats within the company, one of those is salesman. In every business it is important to listen to the clients issue and come up with a solution that will benefit all parties. Any good salesman/doctor will listen BEFORE they take action.

TIP: Make a note to listen to your clients more. You will then be better equipped to find a cure for their ailment.

Pain & Problems, Solutions & Practitioners.

Recently I had some considerable pain, so I went to a doctor, who prescribed a course of painkillers.
They did not do any harm, but did not reduce the pain very much.
Another visit to a different doctor and another course of painkillers.
It took a few visits before the pain got sorted by a team of specialists.
The delay was painful, time consuming and frustrating.
It is just the same with a business solution, so how do we find the right one and the right person to work with, who can help us make the best choices.

  1. Find someone with experience in the area of the problem
  2. Find someone with existing happy customers
  3. Someone you like and trust
  4. Someone who understands or will get to understand your business
  5. Someone who will become a part of your own team for the duration of this project
  6. Someone who is open and practical, social and gets on with your team
  7. Someone who will outsource where necessary, rather than try to be a Jack of all Trades
  8. Someone who loves doing what they do
  9. Someone who is innovative and forward thinking
  10. Someone who will guarantee agreed results

Almost all business solutions can be learned and appplied free or for very little, if you have the time to learn a new skillor take on more work.
When you need to get outside help, find someone who ticks all these boxes, before you start searching, based simply on cost or availabilty.
If you get the choice right first time, it will save you doing it all over again and instead of being a cost,
it becomes an investment that brings back a return. The first investment you make should be in getting the best person or team to reduce your pain.

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