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Teamviewer – Free remote access for your IT guy

by | Last updated: Dec 7, 2022

Teamviewer – connecting people and computers

You can remote access someone elses computer to deliver support or help them tweak their settings etc. Or allow someone access your computer to make changes on it or fix a problem for you.  Remote accessing someone elses computer is something you might do for a client to help them install an app or to edit their mail settings or tweak their c panel in hosting or even their domain account. But it could also just allow you fix something for your parents or even the kids, maybe set them up on Skype or Gmail, find a file for them or access a site that is prohibited in your area from your IP address.

Free Version

The simple free app just allows you access for as long as you need. It is easy for the person at the other end to allow you access and screen share, or to give you control,
no special IT knowledge needed. You can even access unattended pcs. Teamviewer is a good replacement for GotomyPC or Logmein.
MeanIT Teamviewer Review

Teamviewers multi-platform software app is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and even for Linux You can use Teamviewer to or on mobiles, with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone 8. TeamViewer account with all of your computers and contacts readily available for a quick one-click connection. Access as many computers as you like up to 500 for a Corporate account or 250 for Premium.

Teamviewer Pro Version

You can use the FREE version for small numbers, but if you want to get a ‘paid for’ account you will get a dashboard that will allow you do loads more, to be able to control pcs, servers, user management, permission, apps etc. It is more of a Big Brother application for you and is also ideal for doing support calls without doing the mileage or having to wait for the IT guy to drive to the pc. This app can save you so much time and money. You can offer or get help in real time, no waiting. One IT guy can access and monitor all your company pcs remotely, he can then download apps or edit settings, monitor activities, help and support team members, create usage reports for you or your auditors, the list goes on and on.
A popular use would be to access your office computer from your home computer, to allow you access to programmes or folders or do tasks that can only be done via the office pc.
People can collaborate on projects or chat to each other. For IT companies they can also chat via Teamviewer and even create a personalised dashboard.
Teamviewer can allow access to things like CCTV networks and their settings, any remote access task youcan think of.

SavingsTeamviewer by Michael MacGinty MeanIT Web PartnersYour company can outsource a lot of IT work to a specialist who can use your Teamviewer account to manage your own assets, computers, servers etc. As per the examples above, it is crazy to wait for IT guys when you can get them online. The savings in man hours, in productivuty are obvious, so it is worth getting your head around this sort of app.

Teamviewer Support
Simple interface to allow you access or be accesssed with ease. Choose the pc you want from a list of pcs in your Teamviewer interface. Read more here for full details and answers to any questions that might crop up, before deciding if this is a good app for you and it certainly is a good option.

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