Webmaster Outsourced Option ?


Webmaster Outsourced rather than employing one full time person in-house. 

If you have a website or want a website, will you hire a new member of staff to do the work, someone well qualified or learn to do all the work yourself or give the responsibility to a capable member of your existing staff ? The position needs someone experienced in IT & Web, Graphics & Hosting, Marketing & eCommerce Sales or is that a whole Team? Or use a webmaster outsourced to do it?

Webmaster-outsourced-optionWebmaster outsourced task options include:

  • Assessment of current Web Strategy for Digital Engagement with customers or potential customers
  • Development of ongoing Web Strategy for Digital Engagement
  • Assessment of current website in relation to the new Web Strategy
  • Plan to improve or replace website to fit in with Web Strategy
  • Mapping of Home page and all interior pages in a Wireframe layout
  • Determination of all Navigatons and linking
  • Creation of Graphic Design Mockup
  • Addition of relevant content to fill new design
  • SEF – Making all pages and content Search Engine Friendly to allow Google find and see content
  • Blog – Creation and curation of Blog material to help make the website an Authority website in chosen market sector
  • Marketing – working with Marketing Department or outsourced Marketers or both to help get site found by Target Audience through PPC Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns, via Social Media, Content Marketing, eMail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc
  • Engagement – spreading the word. connecting through Forums, answering questions
  • Sales – Guiding interested parties to the Sales Department or actually closing the sales
  • Maintenance – monthly audit keeping the website secure and backed up, technically up to date, content up to date, design fresh and innovating new ideas such as Instant Chat or Booking Engines etc.

Webmaster outsourced Checklist

The Tasks above cover most of the work that needs to be done as part of a Check List – there is a lot more to it and few people have ALL the relevant skills. At MEANit Web Design Agency, as a team of Digital Natives we can fill the webmaster outsourced position. You get the benefit of a Team, without having to employ a single person. You get an Online Analyst, a Senior Project Manager, plus the services of Web Developers and Graphic Designers as required, all managed by your very own Client Account Manager. Add to that you get a detailed report on what has been done.

Discovery Workshop – Book a session

If you are not sure what you need or what to do with your website, book a Discovery Workshop. This is a focused closed door session with you the decision maker and any other stakeholders. The aim is to thrash out what you want from your web presence. At a minimum it will take two hours and quite often takes three or four hours. Following the Workshop we will send you a written plan, which will save you a ton of time when building your new web presence. It will also ensure you get good results from the new web presence. This report is yours to use as you please with whoever you choose. We can review the progress with you after a few months and amend the plan, to allow you move forward. The reviews can be as frequent as you choose.


Website Manager available Part TimeThe Webmaster outsourced is billed by the hour or the day and can be done as little as one day a week or a month for a small site – No Contract required. You pay as long as it saves you money or makes you more than it costs you.

We save you time.
We save you money.
We generate leads.
We keep your site looking good.
We find you designers or marketers, whatever you need.
We bring new ideas, innovations and cost saving technologies.
We will happily train your staff if you like on some or all of the tasks.
Plus we are always available as backup when required.

Site updates. Blog Creation or Management. Security updates. Theme updates. eMail Management. Traffic reports, CRM or Social Media.

Talk to Michael 086 2510117 now about your specific webmaster outsourced  requirements or to ask any questions.

The fact that you read this article means that you already realise that your website needs to be maintained, needs to have fresh content and needs to work as part of your business, so we would like to talk to you about making it do just that – in a way that generates leads, sales and profits for you.

Using someone who cannot do what has to be done, may cost less in money, but more in lost opportunity.

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